SA’s Only Organic Certified Non-Alcoholic RTD

Monatea is a first of its kind product. It is the only beverage on the market with cold-brewed Rooibos and true botanical infusions, that doesn’t contain any sweeteners or preservatives and is non-alcoholic. The perfect product for mindful consumers.


Access to Store Locator

All of our distributors, retailers and stockists are featured on our Store Locator app. The business information, address, website, contact details and brief description as well as a quick button to get directions are present on the app. With all of our marketing efforts, this is sure to drive more traffic to your store.


Range of Unique Flavours

Monatea has a flavour for every palate. From fruity, zesty and tart, all the way to herbaceous, fresh and crisp. With four unique and distinct flavours we are able to make our product accessible to a wider audience, thus increasing sales potential.


Unsweetened & Lightly Sweetened Variety

All of our unique flavours are available in an Unsweetened and Lightly Sweetened variant. This makes our products highly accessible to consumers that want to change to a healthier alternative. Our Lightly Sweetend variants also open up the products to a wide audience in South Africa that enjoy sweeter variations.


Most South African Beverage

Every single ingredient in our products originates from South Africa. We are champions of South Africa’s botanical bounty and believe in creating a beverage that brings a true and uniquely South African taste to the world.


Part of a Growing Trend

More than ever, consumers are moving to healthier alternatives for their everyday beverages. They are starting to realise the dangers of excessive sugar intake and are looking for low-sugar alternatives. On top of this, there has been a steep rise in the RTD tea market and has shown exponential growth potential in the next few years.


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