After 30 years of friendship and 60 months of development, Monatea was born.

We, the co-founders of Monatea, are avid hikers who love nature and the outdoors. 5 years ago we set out on a journey to reduce our sugar intake in our diets, this combination sparked the idea that would become Monatea.

Through our research, we found that the most effective way to reduce sugar intake was to eliminate sugar from our beverages. We scoured the shelves of retailers across the globe. From the US to the UK all the way to China we couldn’t find a drink that suited our needs. We needed something that didn’t compromise the flavour profile for its sugar content or used artificial sweeteners.

Growing up around the Fynbos of the world’s smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the Western Cape of South Africa, which we often hiked, we decided to produce a high-quality, botanical-based drink unique to this region but captivating enough to entice the world. Being the first of its kind we couldn’t find solid insights to guide flavour profiles. This led to 5 years of crafting a range of premium organic drinks with robust yet delicate flavours that are convenient and ready to indulge, guilt-free.

The Monatea brand is dedicated to developing products and platforms that help you to sustain a healthy lifestyle while delivering a unique and fantastic taste. We don’t need to make any bold health claims, as our ingredients and processes speak for themselves. We take a no BS approach to wellness and believe that by cutting away all the fluff, we are able to focus on just the good stuff!


Tsepo Montsi

Passionate about preventing Climate Change, Tsepo developed the Safety System on SA’s first electric Car and has founded 2 successful Energy Efficiency start-ups. He has also been active in Biomedical Engineering and designed the first device for simultaneous brain stimulation and imaging. Tsepo brings a breadth and depth of technical knowledge as well as a rigorous Systems Engineering approach to product development and production.

Imraan Jeeva

With a background primarily in Listed Securities Investment Management, Imraan has devoted most of his time towards Prediction and Forecasting Trends. The commercial opportunity in developing a brand that promotes healthier living aligned perfectly with his philosophy of investing for the future. Imraan is also a seed investor in other early stage ventures which are also focused on wellness.

Marc Cooper

Brand & Marketing Strategy
Having an absolute passion for the industry, Marc believes in a pro-excellence approach to everything he does. He has more than 6 years of international industry experience, a BTech Degree in Graphic Design from NMU and 10+ Qualifications in Marketing and Business fields that make him the perfect fit for the Monatea brand.

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